Case Study

Office Renovation | Naked wines





Client Background

Naked Wines, a leading online wine retailer, sought to rejuvenate their office space by returning to Norvic House, the same premises we originally fitted out for them in 2016. The goal of this project was to modernise and adapt their workspace to better support agile working practices and collaboration.

Project Details

We aimed to create more agile working spaces, increase the number of meeting rooms, and introduce an open coffee bar area with collaborative bench seating and a presentation space. Additionally, Naked Wines required a new tasting room, photography studio, and Boardroom. The project commenced in January 2024 and concluded in March 2024, with Naked Wines and Georgina Skipper serving as key stakeholders.

Implementation Process

We began with a full strip-out of the existing office space. This was followed by modifications to the lighting and HVAC systems to enhance the overall environment. The new layout included reconfiguring the meeting rooms with a combination of solid and glass partitioning to create a modern and open feel. New flooring and ceiling installations were completed, along with bespoke joinery to add unique and functional design elements to the office.

Results and Outcomes

In the short term, the newly renovated space provided Naked Wines with a refreshed, modern workspace that met their immediate needs for more agile and collaborative working environments. Long term, the project allowed Naked Wines to maintain a sense of continuity by returning to their old office while benefiting from significant upgrades. The initial project completed in 2016 was innovative and unusual, and this renovation showcased how the same space could be reimagined to meet current and future business needs.


We successfully delivered a comprehensive office renovation for Naked Wines, enhancing their workspace with modern, agile features while retaining the familiarity of their original office. This project highlights our expertise in adapting and updating office environments to support evolving business requirements.

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