Office spaces that inspire collaboration and spark innovation

Impactful workplace design

From concept to completion, we empower employees through creative office design, recognising the office as a cultural hub influencing work dynamics. Our expert designers harmonise aesthetics and function, crafting a workspace that looks good and works well for both the business and employees.

Our Process

On-Site Visit

We visit your space to get an understanding of your current environment and how the the business operates. Every business is unique and the office space should reflect your brand identity.


We meet your team to discuss your business needs, goals and what you would like to achieve with your office space.

Concept Design

Our experienced designers create high-quality visuals, including a 3D render and an accurate floor plan, to visually display the entire project scope. This allows you to get a real feel for what your interior space will look and feel like.

Office Design

Why choose Bluespace?

Our office design team collaborates closely with you to craft a workspace reflecting your ethos. Whether it’s an office slide or planters for greenery, we bring imaginative ideas to life. Explore our uniqueness with custom furniture and bespoke joinery, offering high-quality interiors.

Handling projects of all sizes, we tailor designs for breakout areas or new offices, ensuring your workspace suits your needs. With over two decades of industry experience, our expert designers ensure timely, budget-friendly solutions.

Adapting to evolving workplaces, we reimagine spaces, fostering creativity. Streamlining the process, we conceptualise and bring designs to life through fit-out, project management, and furniture services. Our turnkey approach ensures a smooth transition to your fully furnished office space.

Creative Office Design Ideas

Hybrid Workspaces

We believe that you deserve a workplace which inspires your staff and benefits your clients. Our office designers create unique office environments that reflect your company’s branding and drive performance.

Relaxing Breakout Areas

We only use fittings and furniture of the highest quality within our designs, from names you can trust. All fittings are tried and tested and are guaranteed to improve the functionality of your workspace.

Biophilic Design

From the initial sketches of your new office design through to project completion, our team of professional office designers will deliver your project according to your timescales and budget, surpassing your expectations.

Case Studies

“From start to finish, Bluespace provided exceptional service. Our office has been transformed into a space that is equally as functional and ergonomic as it is modern and stylish. The design process was seamless – the team took the time to understand our vision for the space and offered creative solutions that perfectly aligned with our needs. They were able to incorporate our branding and culture into the design in a subtle and tasteful way, looking better than we could have imagined. Their professionalism is reflected in the attention to detail that was evident from design through to installation. It’s so rewarding seeing our employees taking such pride in their workplace, and genuinely enjoy spending time in the office. We can’t thank Bluespace enough for facilitating this. They are a talented team who truly care about their clients and are clearly dedicated to delivering outstanding results"

Paul Hamilton