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Interior Design | Cladspray Solutions





Client Background

Cladspray Solutions specialises in industrial spray painting solutions, providing both interior and exterior services. With a workforce of 11-50 employees, the company has grown significantly over the years, necessitating a move to new, purpose-built premises.

Project Details

We were tasked with designing the interior of Cladspray Solutions’ new headquarters. The objective was to create a workplace that not only met Cladspray’s operational needs but also reflected their brand identity. This involved close collaboration with their builders and contractors to ensure the new space was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The project began with the initial concept in April 2023, and the new premises opened in March 2024, with Tom Carter being a key stakeholder.

Initial Situation

Before the project commenced, Cladspray Solutions faced the challenge of adhering to new building regulations for their purpose-built facility. This required meticulous planning to ensure compliance throughout the design and construction process.

Solution Provided

We implemented a comprehensive design and fit-out solution. This included office design, installation of new ceilings, partitioning (both glazed and solid), doors, kitchens, WCs, acoustic oak slatted wall panels, decoration, blinds, and office area flooring. Additionally, we managed the project and supplied office furniture. Unique customisations were integrated, leveraging Cladspray’s preferred contractors for certain aspects, ensuring a cohesive and familiar working environment. More details on these collaborations can be found on Cladspray’s blog post.

Results and Outcomes

The qualitative results were overwhelmingly positive, with feedback highlighting the enhanced workspace. The launch party, attended by Cladspray’s team, contractors, and other guests, was a testament to the enthusiasm for the new space. A subsequent visit confirmed that the space maintained its fresh, new appearance, underscoring the project’s success. In the short term, the new workspace improved team morale and productivity. Long-term, it positioned Cladspray Solutions to efficiently manage their growing operations in a modern, compliant, and well-designed environment.


Our collaboration with Cladspray Solutions resulted in a state-of-the-art facility that not only met but exceeded expectations. This project exemplifies our capability to deliver tailored interior design solutions that align with both regulatory requirements and the client’s brand vision.

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