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Interior Design | Why Hiring a Commercial Interior Designer is Worth It


Workspace design goes far beyond just what you see. Whilst you might have a good idea of how you want your office to look, going to an experienced commercial interior designer means you will have a space that is not only visually exactly what you imagined, but ticks all the boxes in terms of ergonomics, acoustics & lighting and risk assessments. 

Innovative Thinking

We’ve been fortunate enough to work on a multitude of different projects, and whilst they may have a ‘Bluespace feel’, no two projects have ever been remotely the same. Our passionate and forward thinking designers have the ability to create spaces many would never have imagined. Always looking at what’s new, what’s the next big thing and what styles stand out, but won’t become cliche over time. We are able to take your initial brief and transport it to that next level. 

Optimising Your Space

Our team has knowledge that will allow you to really make the most of your entire space. From your boardroom to your coat cupboard, every aspect is designed for maximum performance and aims to meet all of your requirements, no matter how specific.

Insider Knowledge

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we have an expansive understanding of furniture beyond its appearance. Understanding ergonomics are a vital part of choosing the right chairs and desks. With a huge back catalogue of furniture and finishes from exceptional suppliers, we know how and where to install statement pieces that will help your workspace stand out from the crowd

All the ‘Boring Bits’ Taken Care of

Risk assessments, power and data management and other elements that aren’t necessarily the ‘fun’ part of design are all taken care of by us. We strive to leave you with a space that’s easy to work in and not ruined at the final hurdle by eyesores, such as leads and extension cords.

Reliable Contractors 

We work with an excellent team of trusted contractors who have a long history of working together on projects. Everything is taken care of by our site manager to ensure that the day to day running of your project is easy for you. 

Save Yourself the Headache 

Logistically, an office refit can be a headache when tackling it on your own. We take care of your project in multiple phases where possible, meaning you’re not left without a workspace.

A Space Unique to You

Ultimately, an office renovation with Bluespace will not only match your company’s ethos, branding and look exceptional, it will also be functional, comfortable and stand the test of time. 

If you’ve been considering taking your office redesign on by yourself, why not save yourself the hassle and contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation? Call us today on 01603 722123 or email

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