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Office Refurbishment | When is it Time for a Refurb?


At the heart of many businesses is the workspace; a valuable asset that helps to retain and attract employees and clients. But like with any asset, it needs to be regularly reviewed and maintained to ensure optimum performance. If you feel like your workspace isn’t working for you anymore, it could be time for a fit out or refurbishment.

Office Fit Out vs Refurbishment

You may have heard the terms fit out and refurbishment, but what is the difference? The two terms often get confused and involve similar elements, but a ‘fit out’ is basically transforming a completely new and empty space, whilst a ‘refurbishment’ involves the redesign of an existing workspace. A refurbishment is a great way to revitalise your office space without having to move into a whole new premise.

Consider Your Objectives

Before starting the fit out or refurb process, it’s important to consider your goals and objectives. Why does your current space not work or why do you need a completely new space? This then forms the basis of your vision and what you’d like to achieve with your new workplace. Whilst every project is bespoke, it’s helpful to set a budget and make sure you’re happy with this figure in line with your project aims.

If you’re looking to revitalise your office space, here’s how to determine which one of our services you need.

Reasons for an Office Fit Out

Whether you’re a new company looking for your first office space or an existing business looking to expand or acquire a new premise, an office fit out is the service you’d be looking for.

Signs you need a fit out:

  • You’re moving into a new and empty space – that’s it.

Moving into an empty space means starting with a blank canvas and this can feel quite overwhelming, but this is where we come in. We provide a full fit out service from creating the design to sourcing furniture and the build. We can turn your blank canvas into a fully operational office that people look forward to working in.

Reasons for an Office Refurbishment

There are many reasons why you’d be looking to refurbish your existing office space; your commercial interior may be outdated or it no longer reflects your brand identity. The meaning of an ‘office’ has certainly changed over the decades and interior design has come a long way. Previously the office space followed a linear structure with desks all in a row, whereas modern day offices embrace hybrid working and hot-desking. The way people work is constantly changing and the workspace must adapt to accommodate different working styles. This could mean that your office no longer works for your employees or business as a whole.

Here are the top signs you might need a refurb:

  • You’ve had a rebrand
  • Your space is starting to look a bit dated and you want to freshen it up
  • Your technology needs updating, with the likes of sit stand desks, TV’s in meeting rooms etc
  • Encourage wellbeing – ergonomics, breakout spaces and meditation rooms are popular features that facilitate different working styles
  • Your team is growing or changing – appealing to a different demographic may bring different expectations for the workspace
  • Maximise and use space effectively
  • Health and safety issues – trip hazards, overloaded electrical outlets or broken equipment all need upgrading

As specialists in office fit outs and refurbishments, we can help you transform your new or existing workspace to your exact specifications. We provide a complete and bespoke service tailored to you. If you’d like to talk about creating an amazing new workplace, get in touch with us today by calling 01603722123 or emailing

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