Senator Group

Trip to the Senator Group


At Bluespace, we like to keep on top of what’s happening in the world of commercial furniture and in such a digital age, there’s nothing we enjoy more than visiting our suppliers’ showrooms.

With new starter Charlotte joining the business, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get hands-on with the products that we like to use in our projects. So we headed over to London for a tour of Senator’s showroom. From new products such as the Bastille chairs to the ‘never fails’ such as the Kin range (we like these so much, we put them in our own office), seeing products in the flesh is the perfect way to ensure that the furniture we’re proposing to our clients best fits their needs.

This trip to the showroom reminds us exactly why they’re one of our favourite furniture manufacturers; the experience we had in their showroom is the exact experience that we want to replicate for our spaces – bright, forward thinking and inspiring.

Much like Bluespace, The Senator Group also prides themselves on being family owned, design led and focused on improving the lives of their customers. Quality is the heart of their business and this is something we certainly share in common.

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