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Office Design | How They Can Support Well-Being


At Bluespace we are huge advocates of looking after your well-being and we want to talk about how this can be considered through office design.

Your office should not be a place that leaves you feeling drained or uninspired. We spend so many hours of the day at our workplace and this is why it’s so important to create a working environment that makes you feel valued and energised.

Your company culture can greatly impact your employees well-being, however there are many measures you can take in terms of design to ensure your workspace is beneficial for your team.

Flexible Workstations

Remove the monotony of your employees day by creating a variety of workstations that encourage time away from their desks. Touchdown areas are a great way to help your team break up their day and remove the stagnant feeling of being stuck in one place. Breakout spaces are also vital to ensure that your team feels like they’re taking a break away from their workstation, rather than just eating lunch at their desks.

Unused, smaller rooms are the perfect location for a meditation or mindfulness room. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a simple space that allows for a peaceful moment away from the chaos. An office refit is a great way to optimise unused spaces and transform your existing workspace.

Access to Nature

Alongside this, make the most of your outside space! We all know that fresh air is great for clearing your mind. If your workplace is limited in this aspect, why not introduce some biophilic design with potted plants or even a moss wall?

Natural Lighting

Lighting is of course a key factor, and as always, natural light where you can. When designing a space, we will always do our best to maximise your natural light and use it in a way that will benefit your team. From large windows to skylights, there are plenty of ways to integrate daylight into the office space.

Creating a workplace with well-being in mind not only benefits the employees but also the company as a whole. An inspiring and motivating working environment can help increase productivity levels and employee satisfaction. If you’d like to reconsider the design of your office, get in touch with us today to start discussing your ideas.

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