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Office Design | Ideas for 2023 Beyond the Trends


Every year, we release a blog about the latest trends for the year ahead, but our goal is for workspaces to stand the test of time. At Bluespace, our focus is never to follow a trend. Whilst we gain influence from everywhere, our key focus is to create a space that works for you, your business and your brand.

This year we’re talking about office design ideas that surpass the trends of 2023 and make a difference to your workspace for years to come. We go beyond colour palettes, accent walls and the age old minimalist/maximalist debate to give you designs that run deeper than style.

Furnishing Solutions

When considering office furniture, it’s important to weigh up what will look good in your space and what will improve your working environment. Use furniture that doesn’t just fill, but modifies your space. Think storage walls or under desk storage to keep your environment and mind clear. Not to mention, this will also benefit the safety aspects of your office by helping to keep walkways and communal spaces clear.

Functional and carefully considered furniture in all spaces will make a huge difference. Office pods, modular seating, ergonomic chairs and desks will all help to aid your workspace beyond aesthetics. Whether you’re working in a small or large space, optimising that space takes time and consideration to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

Acoustic Sound

The importance of reducing background noise and disruption is not one to be overlooked. In 2023 we have to think about noise levels and how this will affect your team. There are multiple solutions to ensure your space is equipt for Zoom calls or phone calls, as well as managing the general day-to-day background noise that can be incredibly distracting. This is why acoustic rafters and partitions as well as flooring and furnishing solutions will always be a staple in commercial spaces, especially in breakout areas and open plan offices.

Lighting Design

Whilst natural light is optimum for working conditions, we appreciate that this isn’t possible in all spaces. Many people will tell you that cool and bright lighting is best for working conditions, however cold and harsh artificial lighting isn’t going to benefit anyone!

Warm and dim lighting may be some peoples ideal, but it could perhaps be a bit too relaxed for your space. Where natural lighting isn’t possible, keeping it neutral is your best bet. It’s also important to consider the placement of lighting, you want to avoid glare on computer screens and anything too invasive.

Office design is much more than how it looks. It’s important to cultivate an environment that people enjoy working in, not just in terms of aesthetics but function too. There are many factors that contribute to designing a new workspace and that’s where we come in. We can help you find the most practical solutions for your office space, ensuring they are fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. Book your free consultation with us today by calling 01603722123.

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