An Office Design that Impacts Company Culture

How Office Design Impacts Company Culture


Now more than ever, employees are needing strong reasons to return to the office. Our experience of over two decades in office design, fit-outs, refurbishments and furniture supply has given us all we need to determine not only what employees are looking for out of their workspace, but also how its overall design can impact company culture.

See how a change to office design can affect overall employee happiness, leading to increased productivity, engagement, and bottom-line profitability from an increased work output.

Collaboration is Essential

One of the most significant ways office design influences company culture is through the extent to which it encourages collaboration. Open-plan offices are not simply a trend but a larger response to the acknowledgement of the benefits that spontaneous interactions and teamwork bring to the office.

Open-plan office design, including breakout areas and communal tables, breaks down the physical barriers inhibiting collaboration that will increase creativity and original thinking amongst employees.

But Everyone Needs A Choice

However, that’s not to say that the workplace shouldn’t have its private spaces. Employees should also be given the opportunity to isolate themselves into smaller groups – perhaps even individually – to focus without distractions. Its the choice that people have on a day-to-day basis that provides the greatest flexibility in their working habits and behaviours that will maximise their productivity. Introverts can be just as productive as extroverts after all!

Reflect Your Company Values

Your office design is also a great way to mirror your company and brand identity. Perhaps your start-up has developed into something much greater in recent years; your office space should reflect not just who you are as a brand, but your current journey.

It may also mean reflecting on your broader values. If you’re particular passionate about sustainability for example, you might like to incorporate green spaces, natural light, or use eco-friendly materials in your office’s design.

That Includes Employee Well-Being

Of course, your employees are already going to reflect who and what you are as a business or service. But their individual and collective well-being can be influenced from everything to colour right down to the furniture that they use. An office design that prioritises ergonomic furniture, adequate lighting, and recreational spaces demonstrates a commitment to employees health, comfort, and ultimately prosperity. You might even give them chairs better than their own at home!

Encourage Transparency and Trust

One of the most over-looked benefits of an open-plan office however is how it encourages transparency and trust. Glass walls and doors, open layouts, and accessible leadership offices encourage a culture of openness and accountability. When employees feel they are working in a transparent environment, the relationship between them and management can improve significantly.

Final Remarks

We believe that your office’s design is a powerful tool in shaping your company’s culture. As workplace habits and requirements evolve and adapt, so must our approach to crafting continually on-trend office spaces that not just meet current requirements but predict future ones too. Let us help you make a workspace that looks great whilst enhancing the way you work!

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