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Office Design | How It Can Impact Productivity


An office is much more than just a place of work, it’s a place to cultivate creativity, enhance productivity and foster a sense of community. Office design plays an important part in this. According to a study carried out by Dell, 73% of UK workers said they would consider leaving a company if their working environment does not inspire or fulfil them. A thoughtfully designed workspace can make a world of difference, but how exactly can this be achieved?


Natural light is a game-changer. It is known to boost productivity, enhance motivation and employee engagement. Natural light is softer and more diffused than artificial lighting. This can help to reduce glare on computer screens and minimise eye strain. If natural light isn’t possible in your workspace, you can mimic it with other elements like mirrors, light-coloured walls and task lighting.

Ergonomic Furniture

Comfort is key and the right ergonomic furniture goes a long way when it comes to employee satisfaction. When employees are comfortable and well-supported, they can concentrate on their tasks more effectively. From multi-functional task chairs that support your posture to height adjustable desks, the right furniture can have a significant impact on the working environment.

Biophilic Design

There’s a lot to be said for incorporating biophilic elements throughout an office space. Originally, the natural working environment for humans was the outdoors, but nowadays we tend to spend most of our time indoors sitting at a desk. Being connected to nature and introducing a sense of greenery brings us back to our roots. It can help to enhance general well-being, enabling employees to flourish and perform their best work.

Whether you opt for a collection of plants, a branded moss wall or even planters to grow your own fruit and vegetables, biophilia can be an effective way to create a more attractive and productive working environment. Beyond plants, you can also introduce natural materials and tones throughout your space.

Open Plan Layout

The layout of an office can have a huge impact on how people work. Open plan office layouts are a great way to encourage collaboration and communication. They can help to foster teamwork and idea sharing, resulting in enhanced productivity.

If an open plan office isn’t suitable, designated collaboration zones or breakout spaces can also be introduced to support employee interaction.

Acoustic Treatment

In a study conducted by Dell, the second highest factor that impacted productivity levels was colleagues talking too loudly. It’s not necessary to stop people from talking altogether, but there are certain acoustic elements that can be introduced to reduce noise and enable people to concentrate. Privacy screens, acoustic phone booths and wall panels can all help to minimise sound disruptions, whilst blending in seamlessly with the overall office design.

Colours and Branding

We can’t talk about office design and not mention what your interior space will look like. Colours and the use of branding are an important element in the workplace that can elicit different emotions and engagement. These colours need to be well balanced with the company’s brand image and project the right atmosphere for employees as well as visitors.

The colours used may also vary depending on the purpose of the space. For instance, cool calming colours may be suitable for a breakout area, whilst bright welcoming colours may be ideal for a reception area.

Ready to Boost Productivity?

Office design might seem like a small detail, but it can have a profound effect on employee productivity and overall job satisfaction. Your workspace should be more than just four walls; it’s a space to thrive, grow and accomplish great things. If you’re ready to invest in a productive workplace, get in touch with us today by calling 01603722123 or emailing

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