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Office Design | Enriching Company Culture


At Bluespace, we talk a lot about ‘enriching company culture’, but what does that actually mean? Company culture refers to a shared set of values, behaviours, and characteristics that make up a workplace. It can vary business to business, but essentially culture thrives in the right environment and office design is a fundamental element to this. 

Going beyond aesthetics, commercial interior design encompasses layout, ambience and functionality. To quote Charles Eames, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” From ergonomic furniture to lighting and acoustic solutions, it is no coincidence that an organisation’s culture can be influenced by office design. 

Multi-Purpose Layout

Office layout can determine how employees interact with each other and thus impact the company culture. For some organisations, bringing the team together in a collaborative environment is important, whilst others may prefer a more independent working style. It’s essential to strike the balance between employees’ work practices and the business’ core values. Blending open and closed spaces with strategically placed furniture and providing people with choice. Quiet zones with acoustic phone booths offer a private space where people can work independently without interruption, whilst office pods encourage agile working. The office layout should ultimately enrich and complement the business and employees personal working style alike. 

Altering Atmosphere

The office atmosphere may be an intangible concept, but there are tangible elements which can influence company culture. The term ‘compartmentalise’ comes into play here; a notion that people attribute different moods to different parts of their lives. Relating this to office design, different spaces can make people feel different emotions. A workplace emulating biophilic design and the incorporation of nature can help enhance morale and support communal well-being. Bringing the outdoors indoors with an array of plants, natural light and water features. 

Colour palettes can also alter the atmosphere, as people respond differently to certain hues and shades. Bold colours may be used in the reception areas to make an impactful first impression, while softer colours may be reserved for meeting rooms to create a sense of calm. Fostering a positive working environment and leading to an improved sense of morale.          

Breakout Space

Providing a designated space for employees to unwind and recharge is crucial. To comply with health and safety laws, staff are required to take frequent breaks from their workstations when computers are being used, and the breakout space should support this. Separating the space with a slightly different theme helps to define the boundary between work and relaxation time. Soft furnishings, from tub chairs to sofas help people to feel at ease and comfortable when having a break. This can also encourage employee interaction, cultivating connections and boosting work relationships.  

At Bluespace, we understand that every business is unique with a distinct set of values and culture that can be translated through office design. We work closely with you and your team to understand your company culture and how best to reflect this throughout the workplace. Looking to re-energise your office? Give us a call on 01603 722123 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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