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Showroom Refurbishment | The Samaritans





The Samaritans have been operating in St Stephens Square since 1964 and were in need of a refresh due to some structural issues. We were honoured to be able to help them create a cosy design with high quality furniture.

Homely Design

Our objective was clear, to create a space that feels like home and suits the needs of all the team members. To accomplish this, we kept the colours neutral, opting for a calming sage green. This colour palette was not just about aesthetics but cultivating an atmosphere of tranquillity and comfort.

Enhancing Functionality

One of the essential aspects of this project was reimagining the functionality of the space to support the needs of the team. We recognised the importance of creating an environment where staff members could thrive, collaborate and find respite when necessary. To achieve this, we introduced new tea points and kitchens on both floors along with a breakout area and banquette seating, so people can relax and replenish.

Bespoke Joinery

The building is incredibly unique and we knew we had to make the most out of it. Maximising every available inch, we turned to bespoke joinery as the key to optimising the space efficiently. We installed a large storage unit which can be used as an island in the upstairs office and a coat cupboard downstairs. The versatility of this unit makes it an invaluable addition to the workspace and can adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the space.


Furniture was carefully considered to ensure the needs of the team were met. We incorporated both fixed height and height-adjustable desks, offering flexibility and to accommodate for different working styles.

We opted for Pluto Plus Mesh task chairs both with and without headrests to ensure that all staff have a comfortable desk space (especially for those night shifts). These chairs were selected not only for their ergonomic qualities but also for their aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the overall design.

We also included some bespoke acoustic hanging screens, complete with the Samaritans logo design to aid privacy without isolating the staff.

Breakout Space

It’s important to strike the balance between work and rest in the office space and breakout areas are a great asset. The breakout space at Samaritans includes a choice of lounge seating and recliners to really help separate work from relaxation. So when staff take a break, it’s exactly that – a break. A fun fact about the lounge seating is that the fabric used is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Of course, we have to mention that none of this would be possible without building works completed by Overton. They have done an incredible job of transforming this space and helping us bring our design to life. The way in which they optimised the use of natural light in this space is second to none and has helped to create a beautiful workspace that anyone would be privileged to work in.

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