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Comprised of an office, breakout area, meeting room, presentation space, and locker room, the project required a diverse approach to design in order to create an effective work space.

Taking advantage of the generous flow of natural light spilling into the office, our designers implemented a range of bright furnishings to enhance the overall sense of space on offer. Light wooden desks and modern work chairs were selected to complete the contemporary office design.

The breakout area was designed to be a refreshing and informal space for employees to enjoy, away from their workspace. Made up of a breakfast bar and bright white kitchen, this section serves as an ideal spot for lunch and coffee breaks.

When it comes to hosting clients, the meeting room has been thoughtfully arranged to make things as convenient as possible. Indeed, the wall-mounted television and ample sized meeting table form the perfect environment for discussions and demonstrations.

Similarly, the dedicated presentation area has been furnished around a suitable layout which allows speakers to address a moderate sized audience. Grey and blue chairs have been used in this space to continue the thematic unity which defines the overall office.

Framed by a bright blue wall, both the office and presentation spaces have been furnished with contemporary fixtures to ensure there’s a consistently professional feel around the Perenco site. Occasional splashes of blue have also been introduced elsewhere to provide a unique look and distinct personality which runs across the entire office.

Altogether, the commercial refurbishment was motivated by the desire to create an inviting environment to work and relax in. We’re confident that the premises are as functional as they are comfortable, providing employees and clients a remarkable place to spend time in.

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