Dressing Room

Case Study

Dressing Room Redesign & Furniture | Norwich City Football Club





This project required lots of creative flair, integrated with optimal functionality when it came to furniture decisions. For this reason, we created bespoke dressing room furniture, with integrated lighting to ensure the team had lots of space and great lighting which boosts morale to get them mentally prepared for a match. We created some central fitted storage in which the kit trolleys, sports equipment and match day refreshments could be housed. This innovative way of creating storage really enhances the space and ensures that everything can be easily found and stored. In addition to this, by creating a clear, open space free from clutter, it allows the team to be free from distractions and focus on their preparation of the match ahead.

To ensure that the team were truly in the right frame of mind when entering the pitch, we placed inspirational quotes along the walls in the dressing room, tying the room together in the process. The drop down circular ceiling feature is a rather striking element in the room, and this contributes to the more modern style we were asked to encapsulate within the dressing room. To compliment this, we used contemporary grey toned tiles, never out of fashion and always fitting well with every colour scheme, the use of grey really creates that clean, modern style. Using tiles also ensures an easy clean process, meaning that they are functional as well as stylish.

The end result is a functional, practical and clean space, which incorporates more modern elements. With the quotes on the wall, an inspirational dressing room is created, boosting morale. To assist with this, we included branded elements throughout, meaning the team can see the colours they hold close to their heart whilst preparing for a match. The stylish and functional home team dressing room has been well received by the team, and we are proud to assist NCFC in any way we can.

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