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Showroom Design | Holden Group – Volvo





The team were delighted to be welcomed back to the Holden Group for the latest renovation to their showrooms, having previously worked alongside them at their Renault showroom and Honda showroom on Heigham Street, Norwich.

The locally renowned, family-owned group, own a host of car dealerships in Norfolk, including this leading Volvo dealership on Barker Street, Norwich. 

Our transformation was underway in no time, working closely with the team at the Holden Group to design and build  a ‘‘showroom standard” interior that perfectly adhered to the guidelines set by Volvo, a showroom concept named the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE). 

Developed by Volvo to capture the manufacturers ‘quality in functionality’ approach. The model focuses on offering a Contemporary Luxury Experience within its showrooms worldwide. 

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, each showroom is created following the same guidance, to highlight supreme daily functionality in keeping things simple and uncomplicated. 

The final design features a unique timber slat ceiling feature and large format ceramic floor tiles to give a sense of this quality to the space.  

The style was completed with carefully curated scandinavian style furniture to complement the building’s interior fittings and Volvo’s own heritage. 

The result is a clean and contemporary showroom, perfectly suited to the forward thinking team at The Holden Group. 

We always pride ourselves in offering a memorable customer experience, and our work here was no exception. It was a privilege to be asked to return once again to help transform another of their showrooms. 

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