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Office Redesign | Flagship Homes North Walsham





Following on from the success of the previous office renovations we have carried out on behalf of Flagship Homes across Norfolk and Suffolk, we were invited back to complete a redesign of their North Walsham Offices to design a refreshing and energetic environment.

The brief was clear. To create an informal and agile office space, finished with a bright and vibrant colour palette, to be inspired by Flagship’s branding.

The designers here at Bluespace were given the chance to really showcase their creative talents during this project. 

With office morale an important factor, at the forefront of the design, the comfort room was a must. This inviting space includes bean bags and a woodland graphic wall-covering to aid relaxation.  Still considering the morale of staff and guests, exercise bike stools have been installed around a high bench to offer the opportunity for light exercise whilst working or on lunch. 

To enable informal meetings, acoustic ‘shed’ booths were installed with integrated screens and standing meeting tables. 

The office has been divided using screened-off quiet areas in the larger, open office with armchairs for when extra concentration is needed. 

To reduce noise in the open spaces, hanging acoustic baffles and bespoke screens featuring the Flagship logo, have been strategically placed. 

Overall this office refurbishment truly pays attention to the happiness, comfort and the needs of the employees who work here. We have created a vibrant and welcoming office space where people are happy to work, and are therefore able to be at their most productive.

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