The importance of branding in commercial spaces

21st April 2023

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Bluespace Ltd

We love to give our projects ‘the Bluespace touch’ but ultimately, your workplace must reflect your brand. An office is more than just the place to go from 9-5, it also represents your company’s culture and values, ultimately displaying your brand in 4D. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate your branding seamlessly into your office interior design. We pride ourselves on always being able to think of new and innovative ways to include your branding in your office design, from the bright and bold to sleek and subtle.

Brand colours

Incorporating brand colours into your office design is of course, the most obvious way to include your branding and is a particularly good option for businesses that operate over multiple branches. This will help to create a consistent look and feel for your space. For instance, over the multiple projects we’ve completed for Ashtons Legal in East Anglia, we have always considered the fabric finishes to ensure consistency throughout all projects, from flooring to furniture.

Display Your Logo

Your logo is a succinct representation of your brand, showcasing your identity and visually reminding people of who you are which can in turn foster brand loyalty. Thus, displaying your logo prominently throughout your office is an important design feature. For a bold approach, your logo should take centre stage in the workplace, displaying it on your reception desk and walls as soon as you enter building. On the other hand, if you prefer a more unique approach, why not take some inspiration from our recent project for Halo Solutions? Aside from the backlit sign in the reception, we also included halo lights throughout the workplace, subtly alluding to their branding.

Use Custom Artwork and Signage

We love to call on our friends at CIM to help install custom artwork for our projects; it can be an excellent way to showcase your brand in a unique and creative way. Whether a backlit sign similar to the Bluespace Lounge, or the modern mural at Pikl, there are so many ways you can involve branding in your workplace. You could even use this space to spread your brand messaging throughout your office by using quotes or phrases that reflect your brand’s values or mission statement.

Incorporating branding in unique ways throughout your office space can help to create a cohesive and memorable experience for both employees and visitors. It enables you to communicate what your business stands for in a succinct and visual way. We’re here to help you reflect your company through workplace design. Book your free consultation with us today by calling 01603 722123 or emailing

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Bluespace have been very pleasant and professional to work with on a short track project from start to project completion. They kept each single promise they made. Also they have delivered the project on time, as promised. This was a hassle free construction project, uccessfully ending in a beautiful office. I can certainly recommend them and in case the opportunity would arise, I would really look forward to working with them on a different occasion in future.
In short; true professionals in their discipline.

Donald Rusius

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Bluespace Ltd Testimonials