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24th November 2014


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For the past few weeks we have been lucky enough to test drive Elite Office Furniture’s finest offering of the moment, the i-sit...

For the past few weeks we have been lucky enough to test drive Elite Office Furniture’s finest offering of the moment, the i-sit.

Elite Office Furniture are an established desking, storage and seating manufacturer and with good quality, affordable products, their seat in the office furniture hall of fame is assured. But more recently, they have elected to stand up and let the spotlight fall more on the seat itself as they dip their toes deeper into the competitive pool of office chairs.

The i-sit is their answer to the current thirst for ergonomic, attractive and versatile office chairs and its success is quickly gathering momentum across the UK. The designer of the chair, Ralf Umland explains “i-sit uniquely combines design and innovation, in an affordable and economic package making it perfect for all markets and organisations.”

The design is simple, stylish and unassumingly smart. Available with several add-ons and accoutrements, the i-sit can adapt to you aesthetically as well as ergonomically. A curved headrest adds a sophisticated twist and combined with a shiny chrome frame, it is transformed into a refined and distinguished executive chair.

What really sets this chair apart from other task chairs is the functionality. Replacing levers and dials are smart, minimalist buttons. Using these perfectly positioned buttons, you can adjust almost every aspect of the chair, virtually to the point where it is unrecognisable from its former state. Options include seat height adjustment, backrest tilt, dynamic forward tilt, seat slide adjustment, armrest height and width adjustment, backrest height and lumbar adjustment all as standard.

Its durability makes it suitable for use 24 hours a day which combined with its flexibility for different peoples needs makes it ideal for organisations that hire employees who work in shifts at the same desk.

If you would like to sit on the i-sit, or you’re interested in transforming a run-of-the-mill workplace into an Elite workplace, get in touch with us for a good deal.

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