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Nelson’s Journey – Smiles House

10th November 2014

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We approach the anticipated move of Nelson’s Journey and if we do say so ourselves, it looks splendid...

We approach the anticipated move of Nelson’s Journey and if we do say so ourselves, it looks splendid. Nelson’s Journey is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children and young people throughout Norfolk and after working from a shared (intentionally short term) office for much longer than expected, the Smiles Appeal was successful enough to generate the funds required to move to Smiles House.

Before now, they had been kindly donated a suite of three offices by another of our clients, Ashton KCJ whilst raising money for a home of their own. Because of the shared accommodation, it wasn’t an ideal environment to invite families to discuss such serious issues but their new property will give them the opportunity to welcome people into the privacy of their own home.

As Smiles House was previously a barn, it did not have much to smile about and so Bluespace were summoned to cheer it up. Some of our tactics included colourful, scattered bean bags, an impressive digital wallpaper showing an eye-catching image of a beach (see picture) and an entrance wall peppered with inspiring quotes.

Almost two years on from when the Smiles House campaign commenced, the dream is finally coming close to fruition. It is just one more week until the Nelson’s Journey folks can flee the cramped, shared office and stretch their legs in their brand new workplace.

It is truly a commendable cause and we are honoured to be a part of their relocation into their new (Smiles) house.

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A key element in our project has been the excellent working relationship we have with Bluespace, they have provided us with fantastic new office space, which has met our expectations completely. The selection of high quality materials, finishes and furniture is exactly the design we were anticipating for Naked Wines. We look forward to having the opportunity of working with them on future projects.

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