Meet the Designers – Bryony Southon

5th December 2019

Office Design Specialist


Bluespace Ltd

We spoke with one of our office designers to learn more about what inspires her approach to interior design

Bryony Southon

Bryony joined Bluespace in 2017 as an Interior Designer. She is involved in every stage of the office design process from the initial site visit & survey, to the drawing of concept plans in CAD and creating 3D visuals. She will then present her design proposal to the client and create detailed drawings for use on site by the construction team. She will also visit the site during the build process to oversee the project and see her vision come to life. Her role also involves meeting with sales representatives to make sure she is up-to-date with new products and trends in the design world.

Why did you choose to follow a career in interior design?

I have always been interested in art and design from a young age and I decided I wanted to become an Interior Designer whilst studying for my A Levels. I wanted to study something creative at University that would interest and really challenge me and decided on a BA (Hons) in Architecture and Design at the Arts University in Bournemouth.

After graduating in 2014, I worked in an Architects office, for a Bar and Restaurant Design Company then an Interior Architecture design firm in Norwich, London & Cambridge, before joining Bluespace.

What inspires your design work?

My inspiration can come from reading interior design blogs and magazines to visiting supplier showrooms learning about new products and seeing how they style their spaces. I really enjoy travelling so I always look out for design inspiration when visiting new places. Even when I go out for dinner, to a bar or café at the weekend I will be looking at the details of the space, what flooring they’ve chosen, the lights, how they’ve laid out the space, how it could be improved, or what I can learn from the design.

I would love to use more biophilic design in projects. Plants in offices are really beneficial helping reduce stress, clean the air and make a space more attractive. They can be incorporated by living green feature walls, in shelf dividers with integrated planters, or as features hanging from the ceiling. I have started to see bench tables with rafts above the tabletop allowing hanging plants to be fitted above which I would be really keen to install.

Contemporary Office Design

Ocee Design “FourReal” is a folding table design that allows for an optional partition providing a sense of privacy when used in an open plan office area. It can be easily moved offering great flexibility.

Modern Design of Office

Frovi “Relic Cloud” offers a wide range of frame finishes and can include lights, power and hanging plants so works perfectly for biophilic design.

Where do you see the future of office design?

Technology has started to change the way that workplaces function. I believe that as a designer you have to be aware of new technologies and how they can be incorporated to benefit a company.

Due to hot-desking and remote working, the way that offices are being designed now is changing. Employees do not necessarily need a fixed workstation, increasing the need for other areas in the office away from the desk such as touch-down counters, social working benches and acoustic booths where employees have the choice of where and how they want to work.

The workplace should embody the company brand and values so when you walk in you get a real sense of what the company is about so choose a design style and colour palette that reflects the brand. When designing an office space, I try to create a more open plan layout allowing employees more room to collaborate including a breakout space such as a communal tea making point or soft-seating area where people can come together throughout the day. Having a break from the screen will help re-energise employees and improve office wellbeing. Also if natural light is available then make the most of it.

Modern Office Floor Design Plans

Holdon Group Volvo Commercial Design Norfolk

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Bluespace Ltd Testimonials

The team at Bluespace are professionals from design right through to the installation team on site. Furniture decisions can be quite stressful but Bluespace led us through the choices, worked with stakeholders and kept within our budget. The Centrum on the Norwich Research Park was a challenge – the space performs lots of functions: a busy café-restaurant, a place for a private chat or to work on the laptop between meetings, a networking venue and presentation space alongside meeting rooms! Bluespace proposals made the space work for everyone. We’ve had lots of praise for the choice of furniture and I’m sure this has contributed to Centrum’s success.

Dr Nick Goodwin

Norwich Research Park/Centrum

Bluespace Ltd Testimonials