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15th December 2014


Bluespace Ltd

Last week, we were approached by LSI Architects who required a reconfiguration of their desks along with a general spruce up in one of their offices in Norwich...

Last week, we were approached by LSI Architects who required a reconfiguration of their desks along with a general spruce up in one of their offices in Norwich. They explained that they already had 12 desks which were all in a line, facing each other down the centre of the room with storage placed either side.  The new plan was to rearrange the desks and storage in order to make the room a little roomier.

Along with the new layout, a lick of paint and some new carpet tiles were needed to put a shine on the new design. This involved taking all of the existing furniture apart and stacking it neatly in the corner, peeling up the existing carpet before laying the new carpet and then reassembling all of the furniture in its new position.

All of the works needed to take place over the weekend as the folks at LSI have tight schedules and so naturally needed the office to be transformed in their absence. This also worked for us as we have always found it easier to move desks around without 10-12 architects still sitting at them. A Christmas miracle presented itself to us as it was confirmed that the LSI Christmas party was to take place on the Friday, which meant the staff would all be otherwise engaged, leaving Bluespace with a whole extra day to get stuck in.

If you need a new office layout but you’re too busy in the week for a department disruption, contact us and we’ll work to your schedule.

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We’re really pleased with the way the office has been upgraded by Bluespace. Jonathon and the team were meticulous in their attention to detail and the end result shows the difference between what it takes to create a good office space and a great office space. It’s clear to see how this new office has positively affected everyone working and visiting Carrow Road.

Ben Kensell


Bluespace Ltd Testimonials