5 Commercial Interior Design Trends For 2020

28th January 2020



Bluespace Ltd

Discover the commercial interior design trends that we expect to make waves in 2020.

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and office design trends changing from one year to the next. What was all the rage one year is evolved or dismissed in the one that follows it. Rather than finding this merry go round of fashions frustrating, we get inspired by it. We love being kept on our toes and keeping our clients looking more modern and exciting than their competitors.

With this in mind, what does 2020 have in store for our team of commercial interior design?

1. The return of colour 

One of the most exciting predictions for 2020 is the return of colour. In recent years, many designers have preferred to keep things neutral by relying on muted tones to govern the palette of their projects. Not for much longer, say colour experts Pantone in their report for the coming year. Instead of remaining faithful to the Scandinavian style, they expect interior spaces to be enlivened by bright colours. Why are we so excited about this? At Bluespace we’ve never shied away from bold colours. We don’t just embrace them, we lift them up off the ground and dance around with them. We like to use them to good effect, too. Whether it’s bringing a vibrant hue to enliven a break out space or referencing the heritage of a brand, we’re confident that we can help our clients get the most out of this trend. 

2. Curves, curves, and curves

Forget the straight and narrow, 2020 is all about utilising curves to create an inviting and more natural-looking environment. Whilst sleek and sharp lines will still have their place, the general consensus among the design community is that these will no longer dominate interior layouts. Instead, subtle curves, rounded corners and arches will be the order of the day. At Bluespace,we love a challenge and look forward to getting even more creative with the lines we draw for our clients. 

3. Green design

No, we don’t mean using lime, pear and parakeet tones to finish an interior design project. Well, maybe we might recommend it if the occasion called for it. What we mean by green design is the use of more sustainable materials. With the impact our actions have on the environment inspiring a big conversation in 2019, it should come as no surprise that trends will be guided by this conversation in 2020. Like all industries, commercial interior designers are expected to be doing their bit for the planet by using sustainable resources wherever they can. Whilst not all fixtures and furnishings can be sourced locally or made from recycled materials, the more environmentally conscious additions that can be made to an interior project this year the better.

4. Let it grow

One of the interior design trends that’s going to be sticking around in 2020- and likely for many more years to come- is the appearance of plants. Lots and lots of plants. Livening things up, plants also have a hugely positive effect on the people sharing the room with them. This isn’t mere speculation, but a fact that’s backed up by science. As one study at the University of Technology at Sydney revealed, office workers noticed a 37% drop in tension and stress when surrounded by plants. A separate study published by the University of Exeter found that productivity also shot up by 15% when there was more greenery on display. Clearly, bringing in elements of the natural world offers serious advantages. No wonder that this is a trend that shows no sign of going away. It is, if anything, growing, if you’ll excuse the pun.

5. A blast from the past

It’s not just materials that office designers are being invited to recycle this year, but ideas too. More specifically, classic approaches to design that were cultivated and championed throughout the 20th century are set to make a return. This means interior designers shouldn’t be afraid of the occasional art deco accent, darker furnishings, fringes, and nods to the glamour of the 1920s in their projects. 

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