CHC Helicopters Is Complete

CHC Helicopters is complete

21st September 2015


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We said we’ve been busy this summer (see last post) and we weren’t fibbing!

We said we’ve been busy this summer (see last post) and we weren’t fibbing. If you’re following us on Twitter, you may have seen that we’ve been working with CHC Helicopters*. If you’re not following us on Twitter, bookmark this page, head over to Twitter and follow @Bluespaceltd immediately!

CHC Helicopter navigated their way over to Bluespace and asked us to design a number of areas within their unit at Klyne Aviation Centre, Norwich.

It’s always exciting to work with a new customer and CHC was no exception. CHC gave us a fairly unique brief which was set to resolve some practical issues they were experience that we can safely say we’ve never had to deal with before. We don’t know if it’s a known commonality amongst pilots but these guys were very tall…huge, and being tall and spending a lot of time sitting waiting for airspace, and also sitting in helicopters they wanted to be able to stand at their workstations. This is becoming more and more popular – we weren’t designed to sit for hours! Their tailored work bench is exactly what they wanted.  They needed somewhere to be able to hang their flight suits where they could dry off in case they had become damp in the rain. We installed a drying cabinet within their locker room which held the large suits and we also created a space in the locker room where the pilots could relax and let off steam.

It was a very quick turnaround of just four weeks to complete the work and it was fascinating learning so much about the life of a pilot – low ceilings are their enemy! More photos will be available soon on our case studies page.

*Twitter post via CIM Signs

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