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CATs and Dogs

13th November 2015

Office design by Bluespace Ltd


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After we discovered that there was no alcohol left in The Dog Inn, we decided to get to work...

After we discovered that there was no alcohol left in The Dog Inn, we decided to get to work. Below is an image of the original design for the reception/tea area.

We’ve been busy completing the first fix and we’re currently putting in the latest cabling technology. We’re so excited to be supplying this cabling as it’s our first time working with CAT6a. CAT6a cabling has a number of huge advantages, offering more than double the available bandwidth whilst still using four pairs of wires. The CAT6a cables are an excellent investment in future-proofing a business, they’re backwards-compatible with CAT5 cables and, once the CAT5 cables become outdated, the CAT6a cables will be firmly in place to support breakneck network speeds.

Once this cabling work is complete, we will be putting the old Dog back into shape by replacing the ceilings and re-plastering the walls to hide the cabling. Once that’s done, well, you’ll have to wait for the next instalment to see what we’ve got planned in the next phase of the fit out of this beautiful building…

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A key element in our project has been the excellent working relationship we have with Bluespace, they have provided us with fantastic new office space, which has met our expectations completely. The selection of high quality materials, finishes and furniture is exactly the design we were anticipating for Naked Wines. We look forward to having the opportunity of working with them on future projects.

Simon Hockley

Naked Wines

Bluespace Ltd Testimonials