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Aircraft hanger design? No problem!

9th February 2017

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We’re working with CHC again and this project is no different in terms of originality – we’re working on an aircraft hanger!

Those of you who have followed our work over the last 18 months will know that at the end of 2015, we worked with CHC Helicopter Services to create a workspace for them with some fairly unique requirements! Well we’re working with CHC again and this project is no different in terms of originality – we’re working on an aircraft hanger!

Hanger 11 needs a full redesign and refit so that CHC Helicopters can maximise their use of the space and meet the needs of their demanding service. We’ve worked alongside them to create a workplace design that will deliver on their unique specifications and allow them to undertake their work safely and efficiently.

We’re in the process of fitting out the hanger just now and we’ll also be supplying office furniture to add the finishing touch to their workplace refurbishment. The images below show our 3D renders of what the space will look like, and how it currently looks. Stay tuned to see our designs come to life!

Bluespace Ltd have worked on so many different office refurbishments, in Norfolk and across the East of England, so whatever your requirements of your workplace, get in touch and we’ll create a space you’ll love.

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The team at Bluespace are professionals from design right through to the installation team on site. Furniture decisions can be quite stressful but Bluespace led us through the choices, worked with stakeholders and kept within our budget. The Centrum on the Norwich Research Park was a challenge – the space performs lots of functions: a busy café-restaurant, a place for a private chat or to work on the laptop between meetings, a networking venue and presentation space alongside meeting rooms! Bluespace proposals made the space work for everyone. We’ve had lots of praise for the choice of furniture and I’m sure this has contributed to Centrum’s success. I look forward to working with Steve, Jonathon and Fran again.

Dr Nick Goodwin

Norwich Research Park/Centrum

Bluespace Ltd Testimonials