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3rd November 2014


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For the past few weeks, we have been lucky enough to sample a selection of new Aeris chairs. These chairs are the 3Dee, the Swopper and the the Muvman...

For the past few weeks, we have been lucky enough to sample a selection of new Aeris chairs. These chairs are the 3Dee, the Swopper and the the Muvman. The theme that connects the chairs is a gentle bounce and it might just be the best thing to happen to chairs since the humble swivel.

As I type these words, I am sitting upon the 3Dee and I have to say, it is my favourite out of the three. Aesthetically, it is slick, stylish and unpretentiously simple. The bounce is more subtle than the other two, not that they have a wildly unpredictable bounce, but the 3Dee seems to have a slight delayed quality on the movement which when married with the backrest makes it feel more secure.

The Swopper is the most fun out of the three. With the appearance of a mushroom and the elegant jig of a Springbok, it is a joy to sit on and is truly beneficial for the back. It promotes muscle use from the continuous movement, and because of the constant change in posture, it encourages a straight vertebrae. The padding uses five ventilating layers of comfort to ensure your sitting experience is consistently the perfect temperature.

If you don’t spend that much time sitting down but you need somewhere to perch from time to time, then I can’t think of a better perching pad than the Muvman. This stool is the meeting point between the sitting and the standing workplace. It has the most rigid bounce of the three which makes sense as it has the highest centre of gravity. And because of its light weight, when you’re ready to migrate, you can pick it up by the handy handle and move on to your subsequent destination effortlessly.

In summation, these chairs allow the sitter to do all the things they’d want from a chair and more, but with minimal manual operation. They move vertically, they move horizontally, they revolve, they recline, they tilt, they turn and best of all they bounce.

Take a look at their website for a more comprehensive description and if you would like to swap your chair for a Swopper chair, email us and we will be sure to arrange the exchange.

Bluespace Ltd Testimonials

The team at Bluespace are professionals from design right through to the installation team on site. Furniture decisions can be quite stressful but Bluespace led us through the choices, worked with stakeholders and kept within our budget. The Centrum on the Norwich Research Park was a challenge – the space performs lots of functions: a busy café-restaurant, a place for a private chat or to work on the laptop between meetings, a networking venue and presentation space alongside meeting rooms! Bluespace proposals made the space work for everyone. We’ve had lots of praise for the choice of furniture and I’m sure this has contributed to Centrum’s success. I look forward to working with Steve, Jonathon and Fran again.

Dr Nick Goodwin

Norwich Research Park/Centrum

Bluespace Ltd Testimonials