4 ways to use colour in your office refurbishment

1st May 2014


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Using colours to affect our mood has often been used by interior designers, especially for commercial design, to enhance office spaces and employee morale.

Using colours to affect our mood has often been used by interior designers, especially for commercial design, to enhance office spaces and employee morale. This so called colour psychology is said to change the mood of workers; certain colours are calming and others promote creativity.

Bluespace often add splashes of colour to their designs for clients and steer away from the magnolia-washed offices of yesteryear; but how can colour be used to get the most out of your office?

  1. Calm the office with blue shades

Blue has a calming and soothing effect on us and is a colour of intelligence. Since there are few, or no blue foods in nature, these shades can also help to suppress the appetite, keeping employees focussed. Blues and greens can also have a positive effect on creativity so are perfect colours for industries where creative thinking and collaboration are necessary, like design agencies or universities.

Be careful, however, as a cool blue office can sometimes have a negative effect on morale if it makes them feel cold:

“An executive for a paint company received complaints from workers in a blue office that the office was too cold. When the offices were painted a warm peach, the sweaters came off even though the temperature had not changed.” – Pantone

  1. Warm your office with light, earthy colours

As the above quote demonstrates, the colour of a room can often change people’s perception of the temperature. It’s important to think of how your employees will react to bold colours, such as blue, during an office refurbishment.

Earthy colours in a light shade can bring a sense of warmth to an office, such as pale orange or light browns. The natural earthiness of the colours can make employees feel grounded and there is no distraction from bright colours. Light yellows tend to remind us of the sunshine so is great in offices where natural light is limited to lift the spirits of your employees.

Use these colours wisely as too many soft, soothing colours can limit productivity!

  1. Red and orange to promote productivity

Rich red or magenta accents in an office can aide concentration and promote productivity whilst also bringing a sense of warmth to work spaces. Orange is a great colour for creative offices; it’s a bright warm colour that many people associate with something fun and easy going. Orange can increase oxygen supply to the brain, therefore stimulating mental activity, great for an office!

Reds and oranges are best used as a feature wall or accents especially in small rooms or offices without many open areas and natural light as it can be overpowering or increase tension and agitation between employees.

  1. Keep it clean with a modern combination

Wood and wood-effect surfaces have long been used in offices to give an air of professionalism. Darker woods, such as walnut, can represent importance and is often used for executive offices. Far from being traditional, however, many up and coming offices are now using the modern combination of lighter wood surfaces with stark white frame work and storage throughout.

This clean, smart pairing can make a small office feel light and open, making employees happier with their given space and can be calming without being a distraction. White also gives the opportunity for adding colour accents in the future with additional furniture or decoration on the walls and floors.

Are you looking for an innovative way to add colour to your office refurbishment? Give Bluespace a call on 01603 722123 today to discuss your ideas with our experienced design team!

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From start to finish, Bluespace provided exceptional service. Our office has been transformed into a space that is equally as functional and ergonomic as it is modern and stylish.

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It’s so rewarding seeing our employees taking such pride in their workplace, and genuinely enjoy spending time in the office. We can’t thank Bluespace enough for facilitating this. They are a talented team who truly care about their clients and are clearly dedicated to delivering outstanding results

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